Curbing Hunger is a county-wide program that allows Somerset County residents the chance to leave food donations on their curbs to be picked up with their recycling.  So long as the non-perishable goods are left in a plastic bag labelled “food”, it will be ensured a safe pick up by sanitation workers.  Canned goods may also be donated at Somerset County First Saturday Drop-off Events.  First Saturday dates can be found on the county website here:

BOBO (Buy One, Bring One) is another way in which residents may donate food.  That program runs all year.  Residents are to leave canned donations in the blue bins that sit in the breezeway of the County Administration Building located at, 20 Grove St., Somerville.

Hunger is a problem that surprises many people in this country.  As rich as we are, we still find it hard to ensure that every citizen is ensured an adequate number of daily calories.  There are many millions of people in America that go to bed hungry not knowing when they will have their next meal.  According to Feeding America, New Jersey alone sees 762,530 people facing hunger, 192,580 of which are children.  So far this year, Somerset County residents have donated about 17,000lbs. of food.  Curbing Hunger, which started in 1995, has collected and distributed approximately 2.5 million pounds worth around $4 million.  The fact that this is only one county’s numbers illustrates the ridiculous size of hunger in America.

If you live within Somerset County and would like more information regarding this program or would like to donate, you may find it here: