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New Jersey Food Supply is dedicated to the coverage of food industry news and information in the state that can be called The Center of the Food World. At one point, it was called The Garden State because is was the breadbasket for the New York-Metro area, but that point was over a century ago. Nowadays, we still have something of a “garden” presence, certainly an agricultural presence that would be missed were it to disappear. But New Jersey’s importance to the food industry-at-large has grown to become a manufacturing and transportation powerhouse.

Port Newark-Elizabeth is the second largest port in the country and the largest on the east coast. Our crisscrossing highway system allows the trucks coming and going from that port to move goods quickly and efficiently. Our railway systems connect the whole eastern region of the country. New Jersey’s centrally located position allows businesses to reach nearly 40% of the nation’s population within a day. That is why so many food businesses have placed their headquarters here.

All that food business activity happening in such a small state can create a lot of confusion and things can get swept up in it. We exist to help show the public the innovation, progress, and everyday business happening so as to keep that confusion to a minimum.

Our first step in that effort was to make a directory of all the food distributors in the state so that our food professionals can find someone reliable to deliver what they need. Our next step is to build a repository of information on the New Jersey food industry to become THE foremost authority. Join us, help us, and share your stories with us!


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