Driscoll Foods is letting everyone know about the impending New York state styrofoam ban as well as the New Jersey ban of similar measures. The Wayne-based company is well stocked with alternative products ranging from recyclable plastic to pulp to bamboo. They also stock plenty of paper and aluminum products.

The law in New Jersey goes into effect on May 4th, 2022. Similar to the ban in New York, it will ban all styrofoam products and single-use plastic bags. Plastic straws may only be given upon the request of the customer as of November 4th of this year. Penalties for not complying can be steep at $1,000/day for 2nd offenses and $5,000/day for 3rd offenses on. There is no sector of the food industry that will be exempt.

Driscoll Foods is located in Wayne, NJ. It is an independent foodservice distribution company that has been operating within the Tri-State area since 1971. They currently have a fleet of 130 trucks and stock over 12,000 products, all distributed from their massive 507,000sq ft. facility at 6 Westbelt.

You can find contact information for Driscoll Foods here.

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