Hudson County’s Chilltown is expected to receive quite an honor later this month when Food & Wine Magazine will debut its inaugural list of America’s Next Great Food Cities.

Jersey City is home to many great restaurants, pizza places, bars, and pubs, which is well known to us in Jersey and Manhattan. But this latest magazine publicity will make it known throughout the country, and probably the world.

Alex di Suvero for The New York Times

It makes sense. New Jersey is one of the most diverse states in the country and Jersey City is one of the most diverse places in New Jersey. And what is the diversity’s greatest gift? Food, of course. Take a walk down Grove St. and you’ll find Australian, Mexican, Lebanese, and Pakistani restaurants. Drive around some more and you’ll see Irish, Italian, Greek, Filipino, Chinese, and Japanese establishments. Vegetarians have it just as good there, and the amount of coffee shops and cafes is too much to list here.

Food & Wine is also quick to point out the wealth of Indian food, citing Rasoi on Newark Ave, which has been serving Punjabi cuisine for 25yrs.

Look, you get the point, Chilltown is a great place to eat. You locals don’t need to hear that. But, as I stated before, Food & Wine magazine is a global publication and a respected name. It is an honor to be on such a list, and on April 22, when the issue hits the shelves, the things that you locals know all too well will be known to the world. And you know what? It’s about damned time!