The first cases of the deadly 2022 HPAI virus have been detected in New Jersey. It was found among flocks of ducks and chickens in a non-commercial backyard setting in Monmouth County. There had been a high mortality rate among the ducks who were showing signs of neurological issues before dying. Subsequent testing by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory confirmed the presence of the virus the evening of May 17th.

Infected chickens are removed by health officials.

Highly contagious and deadly, the 2022 HPAI virus has raged across the country for almost two months, the worst since 2015. Millions of birds have died as a result causing poultry and egg prices to soar even among historic inflation.

New Jersey had been sandwiched between states that all had earlier cases and it was thought that the virus would show up much sooner than mid-May. With any luck, the virus will be contained with minimal resulting damage.

To that end, New Jersey state personnel, along with the help of federal personnel, have quarantined the site and have implemented all the necessary biosecurity measures.

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