What you may have missed this week.


Well, the week is just about over. Another week of dealing with high prices everywhere, having to make some tough choices over how to spend your money. Many, like you, are “trading down” more and more, meaning, you may be opting for the value menu when you usually get a combo meal. Perhaps you’re relearning how to cook, since you got so good at it in 2020.

I bring the subject of costs up because two of the three posts released this week focused on two popular restaurant chains, McDonald’s and Chipotle. Specifically, the articles focused on the price increases both of those companies have planned.

You can read about Chipotle’s plans here and McDonald’s plans here, along with both companies’ second quarter results.

Our third and final news release this week came today and focuses on a recall. Lyons Magnus is recalling a whopping 53 different products that may be contaminated. You’ll find those details here.

We here at NJ Food Supply hope you had a great week and hope that nothing too catastrophic happens this week. But if it does, don’t worry, we’ll be there to report it and give you all the information you need. Well, as long as it’s something catastrophic in the food world. Cheers!