We put another week in the books. The last month of summer is upon us and so is the warmer ocean water. Our normally chilly waters finally receive some much-needed warmth from the south, and by the end of August will reach near 80 in some spots (the further south, the warmer, think Wildwood and Cape May). Those warmer waters also bring more tropical species of fish, like mahi mahi. Yum!

Anyway, let’s get to what you may have missed.

We had the FAO give us some good news regarding food prices when they came out with July’s food price index. Cereals were down for the, in particular wheat prices, for the second straight month since the start of 2022

Next up were the second quarter numbers from Shake Shack where we learned that prices there will be going up. Read the article to find out how much.

Finally, we reported on a new appointee to a New Jersey government office, Mr. Mark Dinglasan, the new director of the Office of Food Security Advocate. We wish him luck.

Have a great week this week coming, and stay safe. That means avoiding accidents (I mean getting into one) on route 80 and the Turnpike. Slow down!

All you food professionals and delivery guys/girls, keep your heads up, it will get better.