This just in!

We here at NJ Food Supply have just learned that Hostess is giving each of its employees up to $1,000 of bonus money. It is with great sadness that I report the end of NJ Food Supply, for we have all taken off to greener pastures at Hostess.

For $1,000? That’s all that would make us jump ship?

No, not because of the money, but because of the spirit of it. The generosity of the company.

This is the second such bonus Hostess employees have received this year, the last one topping out at $750/employee. Both have been rewards for the continued commitment to efficiency and safety shown by workers, a commitment shown by the 1.26 Total Incident Rate of the company’s national warehouse. The national average for such a metric is 5.1. That’s one safe warehouse.

“At Hostess, our people are our top priority, and we are pleased to reward and recognize the flexibility and commitment of our bakery and warehouse workers with ‘thank you’ bonuses for the second time this year.” said Rob Weber, chief people officer. “Our frontline workers are essential to delivering the high-quality, great-tasting Hostess and Voortman snacks. We are so thankful to our employees who, despite continued supply chain challenges, have remained flexible with their schedules to always meet the needs of our customers and consumers.”

“All employees” is a number reaching around 2,000 in four states and one Canadian province.

And that’s why we would jump ship. Because we all want to work for a company that takes a portion of it’s quarterly earnings and gives it back to the employees. Unfortunately, not one of those four states is New Jersey, and after some long thought, we have all decided that we don’t like the sound of Kansas Food Supply, Indiana Food Supply, Georgia Food Supply, Illinois Food Supply, or Ontario Food Supply.