Roy Rogers is looking to add significant technological and remodeling updates in an effort to drive growth and stir excitement among franchise owners.

Consisting of only 42 restaurants in just six states (just two in NJ, Brick and Pine Beach) Roy Rogers does not hold a spot in society’s thoughts when it comes to QSR’s. In fact, many, I’m sure, think that the brand they so loved in the 80’s was no longer even in business.

That’s why the company has seen to it that relevancy is reclaimed, albeit at a gradual pace. Priority number one is to update store technology.

“We constantly look at all aspects of our operations to make our brand more relevant and drive home our positioning of being a cut above the typical quick-service restaurant,” says Jim Plamondon, Co-President of Roy Rogers. “At the same time, we are intently focused on increasing efficiencies both to enhance guest satisfaction and build our bottom line. We’re fully invested in achieving these goals and optimistic these changes will improve profitability and attract new customers and franchisees.”

No QSR can survive for long these days without a strong drive-through system and an app, which is why the company is investing in updating its drive-through experience, as well as why they decided to launch their app last year. Of course, the app comes complete with the obligatory rewards program. Further tech updates will include new LED lighting and electronic menu boards.

Priority number two is to stay true to the Roy Rogers style. But what does that mean? It means lots of natural wood, neutral colors, and warm lighting. “The materials used, from wood and black iron, down to the nuts and bolts, should provide a simple look that’s clean, warm, honest and natural.”, says Plamondon.

Ten stores have so far been remodeled to these specifications. Several more are planned for next year.