Tyson CFO, John R. Tyson, was arrested early Sunday morning when a woman whom he did not know arrived home and discovered him in her bed. The woman, not knowing Tyson, phoned the police to report an intrusion. The time was around 2am.

When police arrived, they tried to wake Tyson, but failed on their first attempts. Finally coming to and sitting up, the 32-year-old was completely incoherent. Mumbling something, he promptly laid back down and tried to go back to sleep.

It wasn’t long before the executive was revived and arrested, a strong smell of alcohol on his breath, his movements sluggish. Charges of public intoxication and criminal trespass were brought against him, and he was promptly locked up in the Washington County Detention Center. He was released Sunday evening.

Although true that it is a personal matter, as Tyson company officials state, it will no doubt serve as a stain on the reputation of the young CFO who, not much more than a month ago, was appointed to the role with the hopes of someday taking the reins of the company his great-grandfather started. The Tyson Company was criticized upon such an appointment, taking accusations of nepotism while noting the inexperience of the younger Tyson. And now, there is this.