Campbell’s Soup Company announced today that it will be closing its Norwalk, CT and Charlotte, NC offices and moving them back to the home offices in Camden.

Absorbing the two offices will add around 1,600 employees, requiring a $50 million expansion of the iconic NJ headquarters.

The move is happening for cost and logistics reasons. Campbell’s hopes the move will end up with a savings of $10 million by 2026. Perhaps more importantly, the company hopes to enable greater collaboration that will lead to increased creativity, an effort made not unlike the one by Tyson this past year. The lockdowns that led to remote work and video conferencing eventually led to the realization the people not being around other people was harmful to communication and collaboration.

“We are thrilled to invest in our people, our facilities and our Camden community, which Campbell has called home for more than 150 years,” said Campbell’s President and CEO Mark Clouse. “We remain committed to our two-division operating model and are confident that being together in one headquarters is the best way for us to continue building a culture that unlocks our full growth potential. This investment will ensure Campbell remains a great place to work and a compelling destination for top talent.”

Employees of the two locations will be screened to determine those eligible for relocation assistance. There will be no cuts to commercial roles.

Campbell’s will maintain its Pepperidge Farm bakery in Bloomfield, CT. Plans to expand that facility call for a start sometime this year. Hiring has already started.

The company will also retain its presence in North Carolina by keeping a Charlotte production and distribution facility that employs around 1,400 people.

Other upgrades included within the construction include health and fitness facilities, daycare, cafés, and other employee well-being amenities. The workplace itself will be built in a way that maximizes collaboration, which translates into large communal spaces and multi-purpose rooms.

Construction in Camden is expected to begin sometime this year.