Listeria monocytogenes might be lurking among that tapas cocktail shrimp you bought at Lidl. It was just yesterday that the company issued a recall, as their periodic testing found the bacteria.

It affects all Lidl stores in the country, all of which are on the East coast from New York down to Georgia. We here in New Jersey have 23 of those stores, so it makes the chances pretty good that someone here bought the affected product.

Listeria is a nasty little bugger that most recently reared its ugly head in last year’s deli meat fiasco that spanned six states and put 13 people in the hospital as of this past November. It stands as the third deadliest form of food poisoning, according to the CDC. That same CDC report estimates that an average of 260 people die each year from the bacteria.

So, if you have within your possession the above named product, throw it away!

Product Description:

  • UPC: 4056489411499
  • Pack Size: 7oz.
  • Lidl US Customer Care Hotline: (844)-747-5435 (8 am-8 pm ET, Monday-Saturday)

Lidl has ceased production of the product and has an ongoing investigation into how this could have happened. No one yet has been reported sick.