That always popular buffalo chicken is being paired up with the beloved Totino’s Pizza Rolls to give gamers and snackers all they love in one little bite-sized pocket.

The idea comes out of the collaboration between Totino’s (made by General Mills) and FaZe Clan, Inc. that is now in its second year. It is the second product roll-out born out of the team. It was just last year that Pizza Roll Minis dropped on the public.

FaZe Clan is a lifestyle and media platform whose focus is in gaming and youth culture, particularly popular among Gen Z and Millennials. So teaming up with a brand like Totino’s could really be seen as a no-brainer. What better to eat while gaming than a pizza roll? All the flavor without the mess.

What’s more, FaZe has a richness of community that has great potential to inform Totino’s of the wants and needs of the younger generations so that they can taylor their recipes accordingly. It’s a marriage made in gamer heaven.

Initial roll-out will take place in Los Angeles at the Armory, FaZe’s on-site gaming center, when a food truck will deliver the first round of the product to the gamers within.

Totino’s FaZe Clan Buffalo Chicken Rolls will roll out to retailers nationwide by July.