Blue Diamond Almonds are going to be receiving a new coating of flavor. Well, four, actually. Two will be applied to the company’s existing portfolio of flavored almond snacks, and two will be added to the Blue Diamond Almonds Mash-Ups brand.

The first pair will be Blue Diamond Almonds Elote – Mexican-Style Street Corn Almonds with a grilled chili lime corn flavor, and Blue Diamond Almonds Korean BBQ Almonds with a sweet and spicy flavor profile.

The two new Mash-Up flavors will take a less savory, more sweet approach with Blue Diamond Almonds Mash Ups Cinnamon and Maple Almonds and Blue Diamond Almonds Mash Ups Dark Chocolate and Chili Pepper Almonds.

The four products are only available at select Walmart locations right now, but will transition to nationwide availability over the next few months.