New Jersey’s own F&S Fresh Foods, of Vineland, is recalling one of their products due to the presence of a Jif cup within the container. J.M. Smucker recalled Jif Peanut butter back in late May due to salmonella contamination.

And the Jif saga continues….

The product, specifically called Protein Power Snack, was released in limited supply and distributed to Walgreens stores throughout New York and New Jersey. The container is packed with fruit, cheese, crackers, and a .75oz cup of Jif.

The affected product

There isn’t any chance of buying it at any of those Walgreens however, because all affected lots are past their expiration date, the last one being 5/28/22. But, being a separate cup, customers may have saved the Jif, which has a longer shelf life.

Thankfully, no one has gotten sick up to this point, and with luck, nobody will. The hope is that by now, people have heard so much about the Jif recall that they are more careful when they see Jif is an ingredient or addition.

As usual, if you find that you have this product in your possession, you are urged to discard it, or, better yet, return it to where you bought it for a full refund.

And keep your eyes out for more Jif recalls; there are likely more to come.